how to hire a marketing phenom.

Over my 15+ year career, I have hired some really awesome marketers at all different levels. Looking back on it now, they all had certain characteristics in common, beyond their core business acumen. As you look to hire your next marketer, ask yourself if they share these values:  

Natural curiosity: They are genuinely interested in a wide variety of things. As a result, they ask really good questions, constantly. This is so key to problem solving, which is a huge part of what we do everyday as marketers.

Part left brain, part right brain: My best employees are renaissance women and men, with strengths in a wide variety of areas. Certainly, some geek out more on the data and numbers, while others have a real eye for copy and design. The best professionals rely on both sides of their noggin. It's a rare but precious characteristic. 

High expectations of themselves, and of others…to a point: Great marketers want to deliver A+ work. Phenom marketers want to deliver A+ work, but they won’t kill themselves or everyone else in the process. They have the maturity to know when a B+ solution fits the bill just fine.  

Introspective: They can openly discuss their strengths. They are transparent when it comes to their weaknesses, without being self-aggrandizing. As they go through their work week, work month, and work years, they are constantly reflecting, thinking about the professional lessons they've learned and how they can put them into practice. 

Humility and humor: The ability to combine these two traits helps employees navigate significant roadblocks, fast-paced entrepreneurial environments, and even interpersonal challenges with colleagues. If you can put yourself in another person’s shoes, realize you’re wicked smart but that collectively "we’re smarter together", and if you can bring fun to most any conversation or situation - the world is your oyster. 

Positivity and confidence: Marketing phenoms have faith that things will work out. They will get creative to find a solution that will work. And if it doesn’t, if they “fail”, they'll dust themselves off and turn it into a good ol’ learning moment. 

Thank you to all of you who have been on my teams. I’ve benefitted from your example. You’ve helped me define my management and leadership style, and you made it a joy to come to work everyday. This was written with each of you in mind. Keep on being phenomenal. (Pass the tissues?)


Thumbnail photo credit:  "My Life Through A Lens" on Unsplash