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Are you overwhelmed and deep in the weeds? You need an experienced contemporary, not a consultant. Think of me as the colleague, former co-worker, or contact that you'd turn to to get a fresh, outside perspective. Whether I build your marketing strategy and team from scratch or optimize your existing efforts, you’ll find that I do marketing differently because...

I’m part corporate marketer. My strategic acumen comes from 15 years of leading marketing divisions within technology companies including Constant Contact and I’ve been in your shoes as "the client". I know what I - and what you - expect from an engagement. Our collaboration with be structured, efficient, and effective.

I’m also part entrepreneur. I am fiercely passionate about helping professionals and companies grow, innovate, and succeed. I bring a creative-, revenue-, and results-driven mindset to all that I do.    

I help enterprise technology companies, human resource professionals, startups, and SMBs with a variety of marketing initiatives. My specialities include: 

  • Designing marketing roles, hiring and mentoring marketing talent
  • Branding, positioning, and messaging based on personas and competitive insights
  • Comprehensive short- and long-term marketing and communication strategies 
  • Go-to-market plans for new companies and products
  • Content, online ad, social media, website, email, video, survey, and event strategies to drive leads, revenue, and engagement
  • Resources to empower sales, channel, partner, or cross-functional teams
  • Programs to increase customer or employee retention and loyalty
  • Analysis and optimization of existing marketing efforts

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