Who is erdie? 


I’m Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan, aka Erdie.

I'm a visionary marketing professional and the President of the Erdmann Marketing Group. This blog highlights my passion for marketing and management - with a fun twist.

When I'm not writing, I help technology professionals, entrepreneurs, HR leaders and vendors do marketing differently.  I build marketing strategies and teams from the ground up and optimize and grow the strategies, programs, and tactics that are in place.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals. Feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or drop me a line via email or any of the usual social media channels. 




My killer Care.com marketing team

My marketing team at Care.com got such a kick out of my random humorous phrases, ideas, and unfiltered thoughts, they wrote them down and called them Erdieisms. Things like:

This bad mammer jammer prints out super funky.
Let’s meet at 4:30 Heidi Standard Time. 
It's like receipt purgatory.

The term made perfect sense. Erdie is the German nickname for my surname Erdmann and @Erdie is my Twitter handle. As I started to build my blog, the phrase just stuck with me. It represents my mission to bring energy, creativity, fun, and humor to work and life.

That's how erdieisms.com was born.